Paleo Pancake Recipe

People usually associate eating healthy with foods that don’t taste so good. You also worry over the fact that you have to leave all the foods you love to eat. With this recipe, you can have the best of both worlds, combining healthy eating with delicious food!


15 thoughts on “Paleo Pancake Recipe

  1. Really enjoyed the video component of this recipe as it gave me a visual representation of what you’re talking about. I like how easy this recipe looks and doesn’t have ingredients out of the norm, will try this one day !

  2. Ahh that looks so Delicious. Also with the fact that lunch is in a few! This makes me so hungryyyy but its interesting to see a different way that pancakes are made.

  3. herzallatariq says:

    Yum! Sweet and healthy… the perfect combination. Please posts more healthy recipes, keep up the good work!

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