Supplements (… and where to find them in Kuwait)

Since I currently reside in the beautiful nation of Kuwait, many people have requested that I make a post talking about where to find them and which ones to use.

There are several types of supplements in the market and I’m going to outline which ones you should and should not eat.

Fat burners

The three types of fat burners currently on the market are fat blockers, appetite suppressors, metabolism raisers. Fat blockers stop the body from absorbing fat and stop the body from absorbing the nutrients it needs. Appetite suppressors do exactly what they say and symptoms can range from nervous feelings and heart attacks. Metabolism raisers increase your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories, but can lead to a dangerously high heart rate and eventually a reverse effect after too much use. 

I definitely DO NOT recommend fat burners and would recommend you eat whole foods to reach your weight loss goals.

Pre/Post Workout Protein Powder

Pre-workout mixes contain a high amount of carbohydrates (take an hour before you workout) so you can perform well during your workout because of the increased energy. This may or may not lead to increased results due to more effort being put into your workout. Post-workout shakes contain a high amount of protein (take immediately after workout) so you can recover your energy sources after you workout and provide sufficient nutrients to repair your muscles.

I would recommend both supplements if you are an intense exerciser. For post-workout shakes, whey protein isolate would be the best choice if your are not lactose intolerant or if you’re on a budget. If you are lactose intolerant, I recommend using soy protein powder.

Where to Find Supplement Shops in Kuwait

There are a few supplement shops in Kuwait that I know of. If you are familiar with the Avenues Mall, then there are 2 shops in there. One is Results Vitamin Shop, and the other is called Wawan Protein. In Marina Mall, there is another Results Vitamin Shop. The one I go to because it is the closest one to me, is Wawan Protein on Street 129 in Mahboula.





6 thoughts on “Supplements (… and where to find them in Kuwait)

    • Well what convinced you to start taking them? Is there some sort of goal you are trying to accomplish like do you want to actually lose weight, be healthier, get abs maybe??

      • Protein supplements (i.e. post-workouts) aren’t mean’t for you to lose weight but are meant for you to get enough protein in your diet that is required for building lean muscle. Also, after your workouts, your body needs to replenish its glycogen levels or it will break down muscle for energy.

      • I personally do not know people who has had excessive protein, but I have heard of cases with excessive protein intake (over a long time) leading to kidney stones and other harmful effects.

    • I only use post-workout drinks in order to up my protein intake. There is a limit to how much protein you should take. For regular people, it is around 50 grams. For endurance athletes (i.e. runners and cyclists), it’s your body weight (in pounds) x 1.3. For strength trainers and people looking to build muscle, it’s body weight (in pounds) x 1.7. If you do want to buy protein, i suggest buying only the highest quality such as the one pictured above (Gold Standard).

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