Advanced Full-Body Workout

Advanced Full-Body Workout

Hey guys, I’ve found a new workout that I myself am going to try in a few days when I find the equipment. It’s only meant to be for advanced people working to build strength and lean muscle and works the whole body. It also incorporates cardio due to it’s fast pace and the fact that it works every single muscle in your body in 30 minutes! It’s great for people who don’t have  a lot of time to workout. Since it requires quite a bit of equipment, I recommend doing it in an actual gym that has proper equipment.

NOTE: The warm-up sets are crucial if you don’t want to injure yourself and they’re good for preparing the muscle group before going into failure.


4 thoughts on “Advanced Full-Body Workout

  1. herzallatariq says:

    Good thing you mentioned that its important to warm-up, ive pulled a thousand muscles by simply not stretching!

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